• Name : Aoibheann Mullan
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : N. Ireland
  • Height : 4'10 (147 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Light Brown
  • Eye Color : Blue Green
  • Date of Birth : 20-05-2006

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    Hiya! I’m Aoibheann.  I’ve been acting since I got my first advert on a Doe bike safe advert.  Since then I’ve done quite a bit of extras work and some Queens University short films, they’ve been brilliant fun, usually paid in food and sweets. I really enjoy being on set and seeing everything from the makeup van till being in the cold mucky dungeon of Shane’s Castle. When I’m not at drama I spend my time playing camogie and having fun with my friends


    TV Experience:
    2015 | Production: DoE Advert: Bike Safe | Role: Grieving Daughter

    Film Experience:
    Oct 2016| Production: The Feather (Short Film) | Role: Daughter | Produced by Queen's Film School

    Oct 2016 | Production: A Bloody Mess | Role: Daughter | Director: Gareth McGurgan | Produced by Gumbo Pictures

    Theatre Experience:
    2015 | Production: The Gingerbread Man | Role: Farmer | Director: Niamh Convery | Produced by The Link

    2016 | Production: Mermaids and Pirates | Role: Pirate | Director: Niamh Convery | Produced by The Link

    Speech and Drama  (Level 3)
    Modelling (experienced at catwalk)

    Northern Irish
    English (generic)
    American (generic)