• Name : Ashton Rea
  • Physique : Average
  • Hair Color : Light Blonde
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Date of Birth : 08/10/12

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    Hi, I'm Ashton and I love to entertain. People always say I'm very caring and kind, I love my big brother Ethan who is wheelchair bound  and always support and we have fun playing together. I love meeting new people and realise that we are all unique and special.
    I absolutely LOVE Michael Jackson, you will often find me singing and dancing along to his music. I have a big smile and I'm very cute (or so everyone tells me!) My Mum and Dad have been in front of cameras for years as actors  TV adverts, short films and online campaigns so I love to follow in their footsteps and even act alongside them sometimes!

    TV/Film Experience:
    July 2018 | Production: Integrated Education Fund Advert | Role: Young boy | Produced by: Ardmore Advertising

    Nov 2017 | Lotus Homes Advert | Role: Son | Directed by: Nick Hutchinson | Produced by: BNL Productions

    Other Experience: 
    Oct 2017 | Production: Regen Waste Health and Safety Video | Role: Young boy | Directed by: Aislinn Hagan | Produced by BNL Productions

    Aug 2017 | Production: Gone All Year (Music Video) | Role: Son | Produced by Syndicate Productions


    Northern Irish