• Name : Bonnie Lennox
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5'4 (162 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Medium Blonde
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Date of Birth : 29/12/02

    Hi – my name is Bonnie & I’m 14. I attend Regent House Grammar School in Newtownards. I’ve loved singing, acting & performing since I was 8. I am in the school senior choir & the Chamber choir (I was proud to be asked to join as I’m the youngest member). I participate in our school play/musical each year. I’m from a close family. We enjoy doing stuff together at weekends & in the holidays. I love spending time with my friends to relax but I’m happiest when performing in some shape or form. The 2 highlights this year have been singing at my first wedding & singing with Rachel Tucker in the MAC. Two exciting opportunities which I loved!

    Acting Workshops (Theatre Masterclass Northern Ireland)
    Theatre Masterclass (Hollie O'Donoghue)
    Musical Theatre Masterclass (Rachel Tucker)

    TV/Film Experience:
    June 2016 | Production: Slieve Gullion Promo Video | Role: Warrior Princess | Director: Simon Black | Produced by: Slackpress Media Production Company

    Theatre Experience:
    March 2016 | Production: Little Shop of Horrors | Role: Ensemble | Director: James Huish | Produced by: Belfast School of Performing Arts

    May 2016 | Production: High Society | Role: Dinah Lord | Director: Kieran Griffiths | Produced by: New Lyric Operatic Company

    August 2016 | Production: Evita | Role: Santa Evita | Director: Kim Marston | Produced by: Fetch Theatre Group

    Dec 2016 | Production: The Music Box | Role: Ensemble | Director: Peter Corry | Produced by: PCP Productions

    Feb 2017 | Production: Cinderella | Role: Cinderella | Director: Peter Corry | Produced by: Belfast School of Performing Arts

    Other Experience:
    Nov 2015 | Event: BC/ Washington DC Beltway Boxing Event | Role: Solo Vocalist Opening the Event | Director: Sarah Havlin | Produced by: Belfast Beltway Boxing Project

    Dec 2016 | Production: Christmas in the City | Role: Singer/Dancer | Director: Fra Fee and Claire Murray | Produced by: Blunt Fringe Musical Theatre

    May 2017 | Production: Rachel Tucker Sings Live | Role: Guest singer accompanying Rachel | Director: Guy Retallack | Produced by: Parallel Theatre Productions

    Classical singing (Grade 5)
    Musical Theatre  (Grade 5)
    Tap Dance (Grade 1)
    Strong all-round dancer

    Northern Irish
    Standard English
    Standard American