• ID: TALENTSBrownlee
  • Name : Brandon Brownlee
  • Gender : Male
  • Height : 4'9 (144 cm)
  • Physique : Slight
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Date of Birth : 16/11/07

    Actor Images

    My name is Brandon Brownlee and I live in County Antrim in my hometown of Larne.  My dad introduced me to acting at the age of 7 and it's something I have been actively doing since, I love performing and I learn something new with every venture I undertake! Most recently I loved acting in front of a green screen and having harnessed, wire flying time on set also!

    I am both Spotlight registered https://www.spotlight.com/9174-5616-3826  and a young equity member, and have accumulated quiet a lot of time on set  and have also IMDB credits,   https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8226338/

    Recently I won BEST ACTOR  in the Dublin University Film Festival in a short film called 'THE JAR'  which can be viewed on line at  https://youtu.be/XM4hqD-Xzy0 . This is something i am very proud of and I loved being part of the team on set! I Played the part of Davey in the 3 part BBC tv Drama called 'COME HOME' and also  I played the part of a police woman’s son 'Tom'  in the hard hitting TV advert called  'WE ARE MOTHERS' .  Out of thousands of auditions for the lead role in The Disney Artemis fowl, I managed to get as far as the last 4, only to be pipped at the post by and older actor. I can't wait for my next opportunity to act professionally!

    I am a confident, very lively, outgoing boy  and love being  on set and working  in the industry. I like to learn all the lines in a script rather than just my own so its much easier to feel and fall into the character I play. I can listen and understand direction and first and foremost I enjoy that time on set with  the crew and my Dad.

    Script work (understanding and picking apart scripts)
    Minor stage combat

    TV and Film:
    2019 | Production: Born to Die | Role: Caleb#1 | Directed by: Thomas McQuillan | Produced by: TMM Productions

    2018 | Production: Night Lights | Role: young boy | Directed by: Edel McCormick

    2018 | Production: Santa's Grotty | Role:Mikey | Directed by: Patrick Davey | Independant Film

    2017 | Production: Come Home | Role: Davey | Produced by Red Production Company and BBC

    2017 | Production: The Jar | Role: Jake | Produced by Apex Pictures

    2016 | Production: We Are Mothers | Role: lead boy | Produced by Belfast City Council and the PSNI

    Understanding intruction /direction
    Camera Operating
    Kickboxing (beginner)
    Stage/screen  combat (action/reaction)

    Generic Northern Ireland/ Non-regional