• Country : Northern Ireland
  • Height : 4'10 (147 cm)
  • Physique : large build
  • Hair Color : Medium Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Distinguishing Features : Braces
  • Date of Birth : 30/09/02

    Actor Images

    ‘Cassie is chatty, bubbly and a real character!’  is what my parents hear at every Parents’ Meeting.  Certainly, my drama training has contributed to this.  At 2 years old I found my passion for performing and my driven skills have never stopped growing.  Acting, dancing or singing on stage and being in front of a camera means I can engage with people.  Much as I embrace comedy, I also enjoy carrying an audience through  sad and emotional journeys.

    I want to put my stamp on the World of Drama and hope to be remembered as a true and professional actor.

    Weekly participation and training in:
    Speech and Drama
    Acting Class- training for theatre and TV/film acting

    2014 | Jack and the Beanstalk | Role: Little Dickie Bird Peter | Director: Pamela Cassells-Tottom | Produced by C21 Theatre Company

    Oct 2016 and May 2017 | Street Performer | Role: Violet Beauregarde | Director: Stephen Kelly | Produced by C21 Theatre Company

    Speech & Drama Grade 5 (Distinction)
    Musical Theatre Grade 4 (Distinction)
    Ballet Grade 5 (Merit)
    Strong swimmer
    Scuba diver

    Northern Irish
    Southern Irish