• Name : Dia McCrory
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : N. Ireland
  • Height : 5' (152 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Dark Blonde
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Distinguishing Features : Glasses (not compulsory)
  • Date of Birth : 07/08/05

    Actor Images

    Hi, I’m Dia McCrory. I’m 12 years old. I love acting, swimming and I love art and writing poetry. I love acting and being part of professional shows. I’ve played lots of different characters, from funny characters in panto scripts to really serious and I love getting an opportunity to explore new characters. I’ve also been in several TV commercials which has been really exciting!

    Training and Participation in:
    Acting for Stage and Screen (weekly classes)- PCSP

    TV/Film Experience:
    May 2016 | Production: Advert for Party Political Broadcast (ITV and BBC) | Role: Child | Director: Nick Hutchinson | Produced by BNL Productions

    May 2017 | Production: Advert  for NIE Networks (Multi-platform) | Role: Child | Produced by Little Giant Films

    Sept 2017 | Productions| Advert for Integrated Education NI | Role: Featured Child | Director: David Moody | Produced by BNL Productions

    Theatre Experience:
    July 2015 | Production: Annie | Role: Pepper | Director: James Huish | Produced by The Mac Theatre, Belfast

    Feb- Oct 2015 | Production: Annie (Award-Winning performance shown in 5 theatres across NI and also Blackpool) | Role: Mrs Hannigan | Director: P.Cassells | Produced by PCSP

    June 2015 | Production: Strive! The Musical (Waterfront Hall, Belfast) | Role: Ballet student| Director: P.Cassells | Produced by PCSP

    Nov-Dec 2015 | Production: Lucy and the Dreamcatcher | Role: Sally | Director: P.Cassells | Produced by C21 Theatre Company

    Nov-Dec 2016 | Production: Aladdin | Role: Wishee | Director: P.Cassells | Produced by C21 Theatre Company

    Jan 2017 | Production: Snow White and the Seven Hallions | Role: Dwarf | Director: P.Cassells | Produced by PCSP

    Acting (trained since age of 3)
    Speech and Drama (Grade 5)
    Swimming (Irish National competitor)
Dancing (various styles)
    Singing (weekly training)
    Writing poetry

    Northern Irish
    American (generic)
    English (generic)
    Excellent ear for accents

    Spanish (learning)
    French (learning)