• Name : Eimear Bailie
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5'1 (154 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Medium Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Date of Birth : 18/09/03

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    Hi, my name is Eimear Bailie and I just love to perform! I feel most comfortable when I am on stage or in front of the camera either singing, dancing or acting. From a very young age I discovered my love for entertaining and through my various productions, shows and TV work my love for the theatre and Arts has become much stronger. I have loved learning not only from my drama school classes at Rainbow Factory and different workshops but also from fellow cast members and production teams that have increased my confidence after every show. I am a very bubbly, enthusiastic, and mature young girl with a passion for the Arts.
    Here is a review of my recent lead role in 'Paperboy': https://worlditineraries.co/2019/08/03/exuberant-musical-paperboy-revives-memories-of-belfast-1975/

    Training and participation in:
    Weekly Musical Theatre classes  (Rainbow Factory)
    Weekly Acting classes (Rainbow Factory)
    Weekly dance classes
    Speech and Language training
    Les Mis Workshop with Hollie O'Donoghue (James Huish Academy)
    Theatre training (Belfast Stage School)
    Accent training (Peter Ballance- 2019)

    TV Experience:
    Jan 2018 | Production: Derry Girls | Role: Schoolgirl singer | Director: Michael Lennox | Produced by: Channel 4

    Feb 2018 | Production: Game Of Thrones S8 | Role: Featured Extra , Child White |Director:  David Benioff. DB Weiss. David Nutter | Produced by Fire and Blood Productions HBO

    Film Experience:
    2019 | Feature Film - Overnight | Role: Brigit | Director: Mikey Andreasson | Produced by Overnight Film Productions

    2018 | Production: The Keeper | Role: Local Child | Director: Marcus H Rosenmuller | Produced by Zephyr Films

    2015 | Production: Hello (Short Film) | Role: Leading girl | Director: Michael O'Hara | Produced by: Drawn In Pen Productions

    Theatre Experience:
    Aug 2019 | Production: Paperboy (Lyric Theatre) | Role: Sharon (lead role) | Produced by: British Youth Music Theatre

    May 2019 | Production: The Chain - Mental Health Issue based play/ musical (Belfast, Derry, Armagh Showings) |Role: Lead- Suzy(bully) | Director: Maire Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory  | Sponsored by Arts Council Northern Ireland

    Aug 2018 | Production: Grease | Role: Violet and Cheerleader | Director: Marie Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    Aug 2017 | Production: Bugsy Malone | Role: Dotty | Director: Maire Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    Aug 2016 | Production: One ay to Broadway | Role: Matilda | Director: Maire Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    Dec 2016 | Production: Jack and the Beanstalk| Role: Dance Captain | Director: Cheryl O'Dwyer | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    May 2015 | Production: A Night at the Musicals | Role: Ensemble | Director: Sean Donnelly | Produced by: National Stage School

    Aug 2015 | Production: Calamity Jane| Role: Ensemble| Director: Maire Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    Dec 2015 | Production: Snow White| Role: Dopey | Director: Cheryl O'Dwyer | Produced by: Rainbow Factory

    Aug 2014 | Production: Sunshine on Leith | Roel: Niece of Soldier | Director: Maire Campbell | Produced by: Rainbow Factory


    Musical Theatre (Grade 8 with distinction)
    Swimming (Grade 10)
    Singing (Grade 5)
    Irish ballad singing
    Dancing (weekly training)

    Northern Irish
    Southern Irish
    English (Generic, Liverpool, London, Newcastle)