• ID: TALENTS858068
  • Name : Emma Horan
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5'1 (154 cm)
  • Hair Color : Medium Blonde
  • Eye Color : Green
  • Date of Birth : 25/07/1998

    Emma is a singer/songwriter/artist who has grabbed the attention of many online. She created pop music as well as Christian worship. She has appeared on the Pamela Balentine show and had the opportunity to play for the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex.

    Emma has performed in shows such as, Goldilocks and the Three Bears playing ‘Baby Bear’ and The Boyfriend playing ‘Maisie’. She also performed with Pamela Cassels school of performing arts in Grease, Wicked, The Lion King and Legally Blonde. Also she has participated in voice over’s for the Danska Bank and a video link for the NSPCC.

    Emma also played an extra in CBBC’s Sparticle Mysteries. She has also done a tv commercial for M&S.

    Emma played young teenage pregnancy for educational video

    Emma appeared in BBC’s true drama, ‘The Secret’ with James Nesbitt.

    The Secret (BBC)

    Masters Degree in Commercial Songwriting and Production
    Grade 8 musical theatre singing
    Grade 7 pop singing
    Grade 5 classical singing
    Hip Hop
    Lyrical dance