• ID: TALENTSJStevenson
  • Name : Jessica Stevenson
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5'4 (162 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Red
  • Eye Color : Green
  • Distinguishing Features : 27/01/05

    Actor Images

    Hey!  I’m Jessica and I am 12 years old.  I’m very tall for my age so people always think that I am older. I like to make people laugh and can be a bit ditzy at times but I am always prepared and ready to work when it comes to acting and singing.  I have been lucky enough to work on big productions such as Game of Thrones and The Frankenstein Chronicles.  It was hard work but I enjoyed it and I loved getting to see how scenes are put together. I also loved having the time off school lol.

    Training and Participation in:
    2014 – 2015: Weekly training with Northern Ireland School of Music and Theatre (Nismat)  - Singing/Dancing/Acting

    2015- present: Weekly training with Belfast Talent- Drama

    TV/Film Experience:
    October 2014 | Production: Games of Thrones (S5, Ep 8&9) | Role: Wildling (extra) | Director: Miguel Sapochnik | Produced by: HBO

    February 2015 | Production: The Frankenstein Chronicles (Season 1, Ep 4) | Role: Mudlark 2 (credited) | Director: Benjamin Ross | Produced by: Rainmark Films

    Theatre Experience:
    May 2016 | Production: Annie Jr | Role: President Roosevelt | Director: Louise Herron | Produced by: NISMAT

    Drama (LCM Grade 2- Merit)
    Singing (LCM Grade 1 - Distinction)

    Northern Irish
    Standard American
    Standard English

    Spanish (basic)