• ID: TALENTSKAndreasen
  • Name : Kasper Andreasen
  • Country : Northern Ireland
  • Height : 5'6 (167 cm)
  • Physique : Average
  • Hair Color : Medium Brown
  • Eye Color : Green
  • Date of Birth : 24/09/2004

    Actor Images

    Hi, I'm Kasper! An interesting fact about me is that I'm actually half Danish! I love basketball, skiing and drama. During the summer I was in Aviemore, Scotland,  filming for a week  with the new CBBC Series of Raven. I was allowed to use my own chosen Warrior name 'Ciarc'... (try reading it backwards and you'll get an idea about my sense of humour!)  I was told that was one of the reasons why I got the gig initially- I'm definitely up for a bitta craic!  The whole experience on set was amazing and I immediately joined a weekly drama group when I got home. I guess you could say I caught the acting bug!
    My favourite part of acting is delving into a new piece of dialogue and allowing myself to really become the character and believe in the role.  I love my acting class, everyone supports and encourages each other and I really enjoy being a part of a team.
    I love performing with accents, recently I spoke with a Glaswegian accent on a flight home and convinced the hostess that I was from Glasgow, it was hilarious.  Last year I had an opportunity to chat with Ray Darcy in the studio on his live RTE radio show- it was so tempting to speak with the lovely Dublin accent.
    The acting world is new to me but I'm determined to grasp every opportunity for getting experience and teaching in all aspects.  I'm looking forward to attending workshops and trying out new techniques. My ambition is to follow a career in TV, film or radio. I am reliable, enthusiastic, determined and passionate (if I say so myself...)

    Weekly Training and Participation in:
    Workshops focusing on acting for Stage and Screen

    September 2019- 2021 | Young Reporter Programme .. Into Film

    TV/Film Experience:

    May 2019 | Production: The Children | Role: Child | Produced by BBC

    March 2019 | Production: European Milk Ad | Role: Teenage son | Produced by: Mammoth

    July 2017 | Production: Raven | Role: Team leader/Warrior | Produced by CBBC

    Strong ability to perform with accents
    Capability to learn dialogue quickly

    Northern Irish (my natural accent)
    Southern Irish
    English (different dialects)
    American (different dialects)
    Ability to quickly pick up any accent