• ID: TALENTSNJohnston
  • Name : Nathan Johnston
  • Gender : Male
  • Height : 5'7 (170 cm)
  • Physique : Slim
  • Hair Color : Medium Brown
  • Eye Color : Blue Green

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    Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm 14 years old. I have enjoyed performing since the age of three years old, I especially love Musical Theatre!
    In 2016/2017 I had the great privilege of being cast in the first series of ITV's production "The Voice Kids," which introduced me to the world of TV work. It was an unbelievable experience, filming and working with the production teams. Since then my interest in television and film production has grown massively and I have a real passion for all media streams. Filming on location for a Sainsbury's TV advert was another highlight of the year for me.

    I am currently studying media and performing arts at GCSE level and hope to broaden my performing repertoire in all areas in the future.

    Training and Participation in:
    Various workshops including:-
    Acting through Song
    Acting for Stage and Screen
    Acting for Camera technique
    Weekly drama classes (Grade 5)
    Musical Theatre classes (Grade 4)
    Classical Singing training (Grade 4)

    TV/ Film Experience:
    May 2016- July 2017 | Production: The Voice Kids | Quarter Finalist | Director: Helen Dower | Produced by: ITV

    September 2017 | Production: Sainsbury's Christmas Advert | Role: Singer/Actor/ Rapper | Produced by: Wieden and Kennedy

    Theatre Experience:
    2011 | Production: Beauty and The Beast | Role: Chip| Director: Vivian Coates | Produced by: New Lyric

    2014 | Production: Oliver | Role: Oliver | Director: Syd Ralph | Produced by: Ulster Operatic

    2015 | Production: Little Mermaid| Role: Sebastian| Director: Ryan Moffett | Produced by: Uplift

    2015 | Production: White Christmas| Role: Ensemble| Director: Kieran Griffiths | Produced by: New Lyric

    2017 | Production: Guys and Dolls| Role: Sky Masterson | Director: Mal Hanna | Produced by: Ulster Operatic

    2017 | Production: Half a Sixpence | Role: Arthur Kipps | Director: Peter Corry | Produced by: BSPA

    2014 | Production: Singing in the Rain | Role: Servant/Milkman/ Featured dancer  | Director: Peter Corry | Produced by: BSPA


    Other Experience:
    2015 | Music Box | Choir Boy | Director: Peter Corry | Produced by: PC Productions

    2014-2016 | Christmas in the City | Soloist | Director: Syd Ralph/ Fra Free | Produced by: Blunt Fringe Productions

    Acting (Drama Grade 5)
    Singing (Musical Theatre & Classical Singing Grade 4)
    Beat Boxing

    Northern Irish
    Southern Irish
    Standard American
    English Cockney