• Name : Olivia De La Torre
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 4'10 (147 cm)
  • Physique : Petite
  • Hair Color : Dark Blonde
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Date of Birth : 23/07/07

    Actor Images

    Hi, my name is Olivia, I'm 11 years old and I've being attending weekly performance training for more than half of my life now. I have a fun personality and just love the chance to meet new people and be part of a team. I am extremely hard working and  have loved every minute of experience I've had on stage and in TV, film and radio. I may be little but I had a huge amount of confidence and maturity which I bring to every job or project I take part in.

    Weekly classes in performance skills for musical theatre, TV and film
    Weekly and private classes in Speech and Communication (multi-award winning across Northern Ireland festivals and competitions.)

    Film Experience
    2015 | Production: UUP PEB | Role: schoolkid | Director: Nick Hutchinson | Produced by BNL Production for BBC and UTV

    2015 | Production: Blue Uniform | Role: Sarah | Director: Jo Barnett | Produced by BNL Production for BBC and UTV

    Theatre Experience:
    June 2016 | Production: Strive The Musical | Role: Sarah | Director: Pamela Cassells | Produced by PCSP

    June 2017 | Production: The Current| Role: Ensemble | Director: Pamela Cassells | Produced by PCSP

    Other Experience:
    July 2017 | Living History character as part of a reenactment of the Battle of the Boyne, interacting with the public | Event produced by BNL Productions

    Speech and Drama (Grade 3)
    Piano (Step 2)
    Clarinet (beginner)
    Swimming (level 6)

    Northern Irish