• Name : Peter Curran
  • Gender : Male
  • Height : 2'6 (76 cm)
  • Physique : Slight for his age
  • Hair Color : Medium Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Distinguishing Features : Glasses
  • Date of Birth : 10-08-16

    Actor Images

    Hiya! I'm Peter!
    I love music and can sign along to lots of nursery rhymes. I get so so excited when I hear my favourite songs, especially Shotgun by George Ezra! You should see my dance moves! My Mummy says I am always up to mischief and can be a bit of a rascal. My big sister is great fun and is often my accomplice in the mischief! My favourite food is Jaffa cakes...I will do anything for one (or two!)

    - Makaton Sign Language
    - Good at taking direction
    - Very good at imitation
    - Loves trampolining
    - Loves Dancing
    - Very social
    - Can win people over instantly