• ID: TALENTSRHamilton
  • Name : Robert Hamilton
  • Height : 6'3 (190 cm)
  • Physique : Athletic
  • Hair Color : Medium Brown
  • Eye Color : Hazel
  • Date of Birth : 05/10/02

    Actor Images

    Hello! My name is Robert and I love acting and singing, as well as sports. In my spare time I am either listening to music, playing my guitar or kicking a football (not all at once!) My absolute dream is to be an actor, it's what I absolute love doing and I get told I'm pretty good at it too! Like anyone else my age I love just hanging out with my mates too!

    TV/Film Experience:
    2017 | Production: If I Were Jack| Role: Jack's friend | Director: Aisling Gallagher | Produced by Morrow Communications

    2015 | Production: Discover NI Ad | Role: Extra | Director: Aisling Gallagher | Produced by Morrow Communications

    Theatre Experience:
    2019 | Production: Twisted | Role:Monks | Director: Sarah Lyle | Produced by Cre:8 Theatre

    2018 | Production: Legally Blonde | Role: Emmett | Produced by N.L.A

    American Football
    Scouts Skills
    Strong Swimmer
    Piano (basic skills)