• ID: TALENTS383482
  • Name : Skye McClenaghan
  • Hair Color : Light Brown
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Date of Birth : 23/05/05

    Hi, my name is Skye. I'm a singer, dancer and actor. I first started performing at the age of 8 and I instantly fell in love with it. Since then I have been granted many amazing experience in the world of acting, including projects such as:
    Paula (BBC)
    My Mother and Other Strangers
    Cry Rosa (RTE Storyland)
    Junk (The Little Green Door Films)
    Homecoming  (BFI)

    I also have a passion for Musical Theatre and have been part of numerous shows including, but not limited to:
    Into The Woods (JH Academy)
    Little Shop of Horrors (JH Academy)
    Paperboy (BYMT)

    Regular training at JH Academy of Performing Arts
    BYMT- Paperboy (Summer 2018)
    ICMT Workshop (Spring 2019)
    Workshop led by Sophie Isaac (Spring 2019 and Summer 2019)

    TV Experience:
    Production: Paula | Role: Orla | Produced by BBC

    Production: Cry Rosa | Tole: Jacqueline | Produced by RTE

    Theatre Experience:
    Production: Paperboy | Role: Sandra | Produced by BYMT

    Other Experience:
    Production: Belfast Carols| Role: Soloist- O Holy Night | Produced by SSE Arena

    Singing, Musical Theatre (Grade 8)
    Acting (Grade 4)  Distinction
    Speech and Drama (Grade 5) Distinction
    Tin Whistle
    Athletic abilities

    Northern Irish
    Southern Irish

    Studying Spanish