Rising Talent Agency has been running for four years, introducing models and actors across the UK and Ireland to incredible opportunities. Across our three branches- Belfast, Dublin and London- we have successfully secured our talent paid work in the world of TV and Film, Musical Theatre and Voice Over. Their work has been part of productions broadcast on HBO, Netflix, Channel 4, BBC and CBBC and beyond.

We believe in finding and embracing new talent and encouraging professional development in the friendly, family feel atmosphere that our agency is known for. 

After you have fully completed the online application process and submitted all  supporting files (videos/photos), you will be contacted directly via email by a member of our team if we want to take your application further. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to contact those whose application won’t progress to the next stage. The application and sign-up process is completely free, the only cost you should be aware of is the fee associated with getting a portfolio/headshots captured by a professional photographer. These will only be asked for if you have been successfully accepted onto our books. We can recommend a competitively priced package from our professional photographer and the photos will be yours to own.

Find out more about our team here.

Regrettably, we cannot accept everyone onto our books. You must go through the application process and be reviewed by our team before finding out if you can be represented by our Agency.  

We welcome applications from actors aged 3 years+ across our three branches- Belfast, London and Dublin.

We are committed to representing a diverse range of actors, of all abilities and backgrounds on our books. Experience and training isn’t necessary, we are looking for raw and natural talent, specifically for acting on screen.


• Must be aged between 18-25 years old

• An attractive or interesting face

• Minimum of 5’8” (170cm) in height for women and 5’11” (180cm) for men

• Willing to travel and able to respond to jobs at short notice

• Be able to deal with rejection and feedback


• Must be aged between 18-25 years old

• A beautiful smile and chatty, bubbly personality

• Lots of confidence

• Something that makes you stand out

• Be photogenic and confident in front of both crowds and a camera

• Preferably have access to their own vehicle

RISING MODELS (child and teen models)

• Must be aged between 3-18 years old

• Be confident and bubbly in front of both crowds and a camera

• Have attractive or quirky looks or maybe that something unique that makes you stand out

• Be able to deal with rejection and feedback

• Must not be shy and must be able to chat and work with new people and within a team setting

• Be willing to travel

Unfortunately not, we are a sole agency so all professional work must come through our agency once you are on our books.

There are no upfront fees or costs for being represented by the agency. A commission will be taken on any jobs you have successfully secured once represented by us. If you are signed up to our agency, you will be responsible for paying for professional headshots and we recommend a membership with Spotlight also.